How do you…?

Put thoughts into writing. 

The swirling mess in my head is pushing to come  out,

But I can’t articulate it. 

So much noise,

So much going on. 


I don’t really know.

I feel a pull to write shit down, I’m not really sure why. I’ve never been a diary keeper, and the few blogs I’ve tried to start have all been forgotten within weeks. Maybe this one will be different, or just maybe it will be the same. Putting thoughts on paper (or a screen) has never been something that comes easy. My head is full of thoughts that I¬†usually process internally. But, at the same time, writing things down has always drawn me in. I’m a list maker for sure – to do lists, grocery lists, packing lists; I love making lists. Long, eloquent blog posts that accurately display my feelings, emotions, processes; not so much.

We’ll see. Someone may never see this, and it will always be personal but then again, it’s posted on the internet for everyone to see. So very public, but feeling very personal.